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  1. Brilliant article in the Irish Times! I moved to Enniscorthy with my Irish husband and two year old breastfeeding toddler in 1979 from Finland. Over the years I have asked the same questions as in your article. Sadly, in all those years I see no improvement whatsoever in the Irish attitude to breastfeeding. I just don’t see breastfeeding as an optional extra to motherhood but rather as an extension of the pregnancy and integral part of child rearing. If, (hopefully, not when) an artificial womb existed I would see the Irish clamouring for it! Just think, how convenient it would be; those suffering with morning sickness, swollen feet, excess weight gain, sleepless nights leading to fatigued days, mood swings, in need of a night out or just a moment without the bump etc., etc., would have sufficient excuses to employ the artificial womb. No need to buy additional clothes, to eat healthily, or to change ones lifestyle! The “mother” would know exactly how much her baby is getting and the “father” could share in the temperature control of the fetus, to say nothing of not having to go through all that nasty birthing process! Oh dear, let us hope it never comes to that!


    1. Thank you for taking the time to click over here and comment, and for your kind comments. I really hope the public sentiment towards breastfeeding in Ireland is changing, be it ever so slowly. I know many wonderful Irish mothers who do breastfeed (or have breastfed), in spite of all the obstacles the system throws in their paths.


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