In short

Some of my favourite posts, to give you a quick overview of the sort of stuff that goes on around here, if you’ll allow me to point you in their direction:

On pregnancy: Freaking out, but in a good way (August 2005)

On babies: Nine months (January 2007)

On parenting: Ding! (February 2010)

On tandem nursing: Internal monologue (May 2010)

On bedtime: Goodnight kisses (October 2010)

On children: Today: A comedy in three acts (November 2010)

On siblings: Girl, interrupting (February 2011)

On Ireland: Cultural exchange of information (March 2011)

On America: Road-trip weather (March 2011)

On boys: Snips and snails (April 2011)

On being an ex-pat: Una vida a medias (May 2011)

On sex: I’ll have what she’s having (May 2011)

On hairdressers: Salon (June 2011)

On travel disasters: Banking karma (July 2011)

On girls: Meet the babies (October 2011)

On citizenship: Official (December 2012)

On birth: Mind, Body, Baby (April 2013)


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