Friday night live

The nine-year-old glides past me on a unicycle, helmeted, demanding hot chocolate. The 11-year-old whisks into the house announcing the need for a band-aid, attending to it himself, and leaving again just as quickly. There’s a cat sitting on the chair in front of me, eyeing me up for some known-to-cats-only reason. It’s just a Friday night in my kitchen, I have a glass of red right here, I don’t really need to get up. I might, to orchestrate the hot chocolate, because I’m feeling magnanimous, but I don’t have to. Even the cat looks quite content, for now.

I’m busy firing witticisms around on Facebook, because that’s what passes for Friday night excitement when you’re old like us. My husband asks me excitedly if Ace Ventura Pet Detective is suitable for the kids, but luckily the 9yo is adamant that she wants Pocahontas or Tarzan 2. At least someone knows what’s what around here.

I’ve been working this week – actual billable hours on two separate projects, not just writing that might be for nobody. Mabel’s been at school, just like she’s supposed to be. My parents are finally together in the same nursing home, and I can pay their bills out of their bank account so my dad has less to worry about. The house in Dublin is nearly sold. Things are better. We can plan ahead instead of being stuck in one-day-at-a-time mode. Everyone complains about January being 278 weeks long but I sort of like it that way because in January I don’t have to think about anything but getting back to normal. Once it’s February I have to feel bad about all the summer planning I won’t actually do till March. Such is life. You’d think I’d be used to it by now.

The cat just turned around a few times and settled down to make himself comfortable. He’s settling down for the long haul. Maybe I should pour myself some more wine. There’s some issue with the chromecast so the film hasn’t started but the 9yo has found herself a Harry Potter quiz on my phone instead. There might be snow on Saturday night, but that’s a great time for snow because nobody has school until Tuesday next week. We can take some real snow now. We’ll even enjoy it, because spring is around the corner.

Spring is around the corner. I think I can cope with that.

(The 11yo has just come in and is serenading the cat with Hey Jude. This is not at all relevant but it’s so delightfully random that I had to mention it. The cat’s trying hard to go back to sleep.)

Boy holding cat
Boy, cat, tolerant

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